Asset Management


Delasoft, Inc. is on the cutting edge of asset management software development and implementation. We’re developing new, innovative ways to make data and asset management easier and more intuitive than ever, with dynamic tools, industry-specific modules, and data reporting options.  

If you’re in need of a new asset management system, extensions to your current system, or strategic planning support, Delasoft is available to work with you.  

Application Development and Implementation:

At Delasoft, we are always working on new applications based on our asset management platform. We also offer a variety of customizable off the shelf asset management solutions that have already passed through our testing cycle and been implemented for other clients.  

Whether you’re in need of an entirely new application or you’re interested in one of our existing products, reach out to our team. We offer comprehensive implementation, customization, and deployment services, testing, and training to ensure that our software is the right fit for your organization.  


Extensions to a Current System

Delasoft develops powerful extensions for both our own software and other applications. If you’re in need of an additional module, a plug in, or new features to add to your code, Delasoft can build it. Our developers have developed mobile applications for software like IBM’s Maximo, added query builders, and developed responsive interfaces for existing programs, to offer low-cost, low-interruption updates to existing systems. 


Strategic Planning Support 

Do you need assistance developing protocols, queries, and classifications for your strategic planning needs? Our team of data analysts and industry professionals can help you set goals and standards, as well as build business rules to automate many of your essential planning functions.  


Meet with Delasoft, Inc. 

At Delasoft, we relish the challenge of devising new, more efficient asset management systems. Stay on the leading edge of your industry with efficient, intuitive software and dynamic tools. Contact our team today to discuss what service is right for you.