Encroachment Permit System


Specialists in any field deserve a responsive, comprehensive system to manage projects, track applications, and communicate with both clients and team members. The Encroachment Permit System (EPS) is Delasoft’s answer to the need for a versatile and highly configurable tool to streamline workflows and data management in highway entrance and encroachment permitting. 

EPS is designed with technicians and specialists in mind. Laws, standards, and procedures are always changing, and the Encroachment Permit System is built to cope with these changes. EPS is comprehensive and versatile, offering an integrated work center and expansive capabilities. Its flexible architecture can easily be tailored to your needs and practices. 

Core Features 

EPS is an integrated system for applications, inspections, communication, and a range of customizable activities in highway permitting. With both internal and public-facing features, EPS offers support for highway entrance permit applicants. EPS is an essential tool for specialists to streamline permit approval, document creation, record management, and other business practices. 

The platform is flexible and highly configurable, so that your team can implement changes without needing to alter the base code. EPS is also modular and extensible, with side-bar add-ons and a high level of compatibility with project management and document management software. 


Full Lifecycle Permitting

EPS streamlines and automates complex highway permitting workflows. Our system offers external users a portal to begin permit applications, with customizable permit types, geography settings, workflows, and information fields, all couched within a responsive set of business rules to ensure that applications are filled and filed appropriately. Applicants have the capability to upload photographs and attachments, receive notifications, and communicate with internal staff. Upon submitting the application, EPS triggers a configurable permit review process with a comprehensive data summary and customizable, individualized workflow.  

With dynamic document creation, EPS automatically pulls necessary documents and notices based on each situation’s conditions, while also allowing for manual changes and oversight. 

Internal users have great flexibility to mold EPS to their permitting needs. Administrators can designate permissions and roles, allowing internal users access to permits by name and location. The highest-ranking administrator can designate which roles have access to different functions, customizing user permissions by type across districts, departments, and responsibilities. 



A configurable dashboard allows users to see all of their applications and communications in one location.  Dashboard content can be filtered by role and the intuitive interface provides robust filtering and sorting capabilities.  

EPS allows for a high-level of complexity while remaining accessible and user-friendly. Internal users can review and approve applications; force status changes; create, edit, and send documents, notices, and notifications; communicate with internal and external users; and review permit progress and updates in a streamlined database. 


Configurable Business Rules and Settings

EPS stands out for its highly configurable business rules. Our customizable, accessible business rules are the key to the EPS’s flexibility, its automatic functions, and its responsive framework. EPS allows you to easily stay up to date with new regulations and workflows, without the expense of hiring outside contractors to modify the base code of your software.   

Our software offers intuitive application creation so that your forms can be updated, customized, and altered in-house. EPS makes its business rules available to administrators with an interface for modifying, adding, toggling, and deleting business rules as needed. In settings, administrators have the power to set workflows by geography, permit type, and status, configure, create, and delete roles, modify, create, and remove forms, application types, and statuses; and add, edit, and remove new users. 


Integrated GIS Tools 

EPS features integrated map displays, tax lot selection, and data retrieval from external systems based on project location. Administrators can add and manage spatial data, separate permissions, roles, and workflows by geographic area or district, and carry out a variety of other data management tasks within EPS. 

Integrating ESRI’s ArcGIS tools allows internal users to obtain map and geographic data, measurements, and lot information without needing to visit the field. 


Mobile Capabilities

EPS allows field technicians to transmit information and conduct business out in the field with a variety of mobile devices, including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. In the field, users can upload photographs, submit reports, review applications, and communicate with other team members. The mobile app allows users to cache data and work in offline mode. 



As with all Delasoft solutions, EPS can be deployed on your infrastructure, hosted in a managed cloud environment or accessed as a subscription service.

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