Highway Performance Monitoring System


A web based GIS application that automates and monitors the HPMS workflow.

HPMS Submission is an annual time bound requirement mandated by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). HPMS submission requires 68 data items related to traffic, inventory, paving and planning statistics for the state road network system and requires a GIS based linear referencing system.

Delasoft’s HPMS is a web based GIS application that automates and monitors the workflow for preparing and submitting the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) data to Federal Highway Authority that is due in June annually. FHWA requires all HPMS submissions to conform to a Geographic Data model. The new model will allow for geographic locating, analysis, comparison and reporting of HPMS data which includes 68 data sources/attributes.


  • Automated progress monitoring
    Allows the HPMS coordinator to increase efficiency by monitoring the timeliness and accuracy of the data collectors.
  • Configurable and flexible workflow management
    Allows coordinators to set workflows and tasks and facilitates for splitting of tasks among group members. Maintains process consistency, facilitates analysis of historical ETAs and optimizes the business process.
  • Real-time analysis and validation
    System automatically checks data individually, cross validates and checks coverage of HPMS attributes as they are being entered. This avoids costly/time consuming delays if errors are found after FHWA submittal.
  • Adheres to FHWA requirements and easily adaptable to any changes in the federal specifications
    System is fully configurable from the ground up to conform to Federal HPMS guidelines and allows for any changes to HPMS specifications including additional attributes or validation rules, thus eliminating obsolescence.


Web Server: Windows 2008+ with IIS7+
Mapping: ESRI ArcGIS Server 10.2+
Database: Oracle 11g