Highway Performance Monitoring System


At Delasoft, we understand that the preparation and submittal of the annual HPMS report is key to the transportation funding process. We strive to provide our clients with the most powerful and versatile tools for data and roadway management. With Delasoft’s Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS), you and your department are equipped with intuitive features, automated progress monitoring, and highly configurable architecture to improve efficiency and keep your data reporting on track.

Core Features  

Our data management software is built to support your team and improve the quality and timeliness of your data submittal. Increase efficiency, cut down on errors, and empower your team leaders and data specialists with a flexible system designed by developers with years of experience in transportation solutions.  


Automated Progress Monitoring

Empower your HPMS coordinator to monitor and assess data quality and timeliness of collection. Delasoft’s HPMS offers your project managers and leadership to access statistics, track data completion rates, and set or adjust schedules accordingly. 


Configurable Workflows

HPMS is designed to work with you, and our configurable workflows give your department the ability to create new projects, allocate resources, and optimize your data collection process.  

Cut down on rote tasks and procedural delays by splitting of tasks among group members, automatically tracking edit histories, and setting new structures for collection, approval, and validation of your data. By setting custom workflows, you can reduce wasted hours and increase project consistency.  


Automated Data Validation

HPMS offers your team real time data analysis and validation. Our software automatically checks data individually, cross validates data, and checks coverage of HPMS attributes as they are being entered. This validation system helps your team decrease delay in identifying data errors, cuts down on human error in data entry, and avoids the time and expense of identifying data errors after submission to the Federal Highway Administration.  


FHWA Compliant

Delasoft’s HPMS application is FHWA compliant, adhering to national HPMS reporting standards.  

Our software is fully configurable from the ground up, allowing your team to make changes to data reporting as federal guidelines change. Delasoft designs our software to outpace obsolescence and maintain long-term utility. Keep on top of changes in HPMS specifications, including additional attributes or validation rules, data reporting types, and data quality. 


Requirements and Implementation 

As with all Delasoft solutions, HPMS can be deployed on your infrastructure, hosted in a managed cloud environment or accessed as a subscription service. 

Contact Us

Delasoft offers DOTs and data analysis teams flexible, streamlined software to simplify data collection and reporting, enhance data validation processes, and avoid delay and data errors. Your team works to deliver clean, valuable data each June. They deserve a toolkit that works for them. 

If your department is in need of new software for the HPMS process, reach out to our team. We’re happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and resources, show you a demo of our current software, or discuss a proposal for your agency.  

You can contact us online or at (302) 533-7913.