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Delasoft partners with professionals across a wide range of industries. Our clients have included multiple state Departments of Transportation and Fortune 500 companies. Our partners include industry colleagues in GIS, software development, and more.


Our products and services offer value to clients across the United States. Our enterprise software solutions, system services, and consulting services have aided organizations and their employees in a variety of industries from transportation and aviation to product development. 

Delasoft most frequently works with government agencies, providing resources and solutions that keep projects and daily operations on track and provide for changes in procedure and standards. We are familiar with the needs of government and public entities, as well as many of the requirements of working with classified or sensitive information.  

We have also served individual clients, including airport managers and commercial entities. Our dynamic platforms and experienced staff are always ready to take on a new challenge. 


Delasoft, Inc. recognizes the importance of collaboration in expanding the field. We regularly partner with fellow software and development companies, such as Esri, Microsoft, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard to provide the most up-to-date services and ensure that we stay on the forefront of industry developments.


  • Arizona DOT (Dept. of Transportation) 
  • CommVault
  • Delaware State Police 
  • Delaware DOT
  • Delaware DTI (Dept. of Technology Information) 
  • Delaware Office of Controller General 
  • First Marble Head Corp
  • Kentucky DOT
  • North Carolina DOT
  • NPD
  • Oregon DOT
  • Virginia DOT
  • Wisconsin DOT
  • World Fuel Services 


  • AWS
  • ESRI
  • HP

Become a Client or Partner

Delasoft is always looking to expand its community of clients, partners, and colleagues. If you’re interested in working with Delasoft, please reach out to our executive team to schedule a meeting. We’re always ready to discuss our software or services or discuss industry opportunities.