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In our 20 years of business, we’ve built solutions for a variety of permitting needs. With highly configurable, scalable architecture, the Delasoft platform is designed to fit around your processes and work with your practices. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be demonstrating our core family of permitting solutions—starting with our flagship program, OACS. Outdoor […]

Featured Article: The Sunset of 100LL Fuel The gears of change are always pushing forward a new challenge to airport managers and members of the industry. With the ongoing clash between Santa Clara County and Reid-Hillview airport dominating public discussion of the leaded fuel debate, it can be difficult to sort out the issues that […]

Featured Article: Capturing and Maintaining an Accurate Based Aircraft Database How has your based aircraft management evolved in the past decade? New methods are making it easier to streamline your data capture process and increase the accuracy of your data. Capturing and reporting based aircraft is an essential task for airport managers. Emerging technologies are […]

Featured Article: Voices of General Aviation: how to attract and keep traffic Is your airport a hub for general aviation traffic? Would you like to increase GA activity, with its associated landing fees, tie-down fees, and FBO activity? In this article, GA pilots share what they love about flying, and what keeps them coming back […]

Featured Article: Paperwork Reduction Act Airports of all sizes are called upon to manage hangar leases, tie-downs, parking, and more. Assisting tenants, collecting rent, and maintaining leases is a significant time investment that takes away from your team’s valuable time. When your staff have dozens to hundreds of agreements to maintain, the day-to-day requirements of […]

Featured Article: Is Ground Vehicle Permitting the Income Solution Your Airport Needs? Buses and shuttle companies are valued partners for many airports, but do you know which companies are picking up passengers, and when? Ground vehicle permitting offers data and revenue solutions that can bring answers and balance your budget. With air traffic ramping up […]

Delasoft is sponsoring THE REVJET BRIEF, a round up of aviation news collected by our team in the RevJet Office. Read on to catch up on the latest in the world of aviation.   Featured Article: Who is Using Your Airport? Public use airports are available 24/7/365—are you? Maintaining situational awareness and ensuring collection of […]

Featured Article: Badge Management Streamlining airport access and the airport badging process is an objective for any busy airport staff. RevJet can help alleviate what is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. What is normally a manual process can be automated with RevJet’s badge management module. RevJet’s cloud-based account directory makes your life simpler by equipping […]

Delasoft’s Electronic Permitting System (EPS) is now installed in seven states across the U.S. With a highly configurable platform, scalable architecture, and modular integratable design, EPS offers state, county, and municipal clients maximum flexibility. Code-free customization equips your team with the tools to update and implement changes without requiring programming experience. Powerful, user-friendly business rules […]