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Delasoft’s permitting platform enables your teams to manage billboards and vegetation standards throughout the lifecycle of a permit, from application, through review and approval, maintenance, and expiry. At Delasoft, we know that managing roadside objects requires flexible, user friendly tools that support both in-office and on-site resources. Outdoor Advertising Control (OAC) empowers your team to streamline the permitting process, manage permits, and communicate with permit holders in one, comprehensive system.  

Core Features 

Delasoft’s Outdoor Advertising Control equips government agencies with an intuitive, cutting edge tool, built to adapt to departmental needs and practices. Outdoor Advertising is highly configurable, with flexible, scalable architecture and a modular design that allows for use as a standalone application and as a bundle with our ROW Violations, Vegetation, and Junkyard Control Systems.  


Full Lifecycle Permitting 

Outdoor Advertising Control streamlines permitting from initial application through expiration and extinction. With both public-facing and internal features, OAC consolidates your permitting process into one system with easy access to documents, images, discussions, and more.  

The permitting process is divided into phases, with individual, customizable workflows for each phase. Workflows, phases, and documents can be customized by permit type, region or site, with editable roles and permissions, mandatory and optional documents and application fields, downloadable applications with auto-fill fields, and automated expiration and status changes.  

Set automatic and ad hoc invoice cycles with customizable fees and fines, both one-time and recurring charges, and a comprehensive customer directory.  

Maintain records, track requests for ownership transfer, relocation, or changes to permit details, carry out inspections, and mark violations, overdue payments and more in each permit’s individual files. Link rules, regulations, and statutes, and easily share data with your associated legal team to pursue non-payment, schedule hearings, and track outcomes. 


Customer Support and Billing

Outdoor Advertising brings customers and your team together, with portals for applications, communication, and payment.  

Each application generates a file complete with attachment uploads, billing, notices, associated documents and comprehensive histories, and a shared discussion feature. Communicate directly with customers and technicians in the system, or use our notifications system to send communication to the customer’s email or billing address. 

Make notes, mark items incomplete, and request further information from the customer, log invoices, assess fees, and track application progress and review.  

OAC features an online payment portal, allowing customers to pay with a credit or debit card or bank account. Assess application fees, admin fees, set invoice schedules, and track receipts, bills, and overdue fees easily, and simplify your audit trails. Save report types and export data. Set scheduled and ad hoc reports and notifications to maintain logs of customer activity and payment. 

Responsive interfaces allow your customers to access permit applications on a desktop, phone, or other mobile device for increased accessibility. 


Highly Configurable Architecture

At Delasoft, we strive to build architecture that works with you. Part of our mission involves building highly configurable, customizable software, that adapts closely to your requirements and standards and features accessible administrator settings.  

Our Outdoor Advertising Control features both pre-generated and ad hoc workflows, reports, billing cycles, and notifications, and puts control over most major utilities in the hands of your team. Avoid the cost and interruptions of retaining the original developer to implement changes, and stay in front of industry changes and new regulations.  

Our intuitive and innovative workflow engine allows you to assign roles and groups to specific work flows with a drag and drop tool. User friendly settings and options simplify employee management, with configurable users, groups, geographic settings, and permissions. Tiered admin privileges keep your settings secure while equipping your system managers with tools to adjust practices, workflows, and more.  


Integrated GIS Functions

At Delasoft, we’re finding new ways to harness the capabilities of the latest geospatial development. OAC integrates your roadway and geographic data with an interactive map. View permits geographically, select specific areas, and pin event sites to bring context to your permitting process.  

Our mapping tools leverage Esri’s ArcGIS to bring your data to the forefront and offer you new ways to review data. Select specific roadways, search for events, and link your tabular and map view to easily navigate your data. Integrate linear referencing data into your process to enhance reporting and analysis of your outdoor advertising permits. 

Our powerful GIS tool empowers you to review site data from the safety of the office, measure distances, and maintain highway standards with ease. Integrating your linear data allows you to consolidate resources and more easily coordinate with other DOT teams. 


Mobile Capabilities

Equip your field technicians with a powerful, streamlined mobile app, that harnesses your device hardware, including camera and GPS capabilities. Cache your permit data and use our off-line editing mode to conduct inspections, data collection, and repairs, then upload and publish changes in the office or on the road.  


Requirements and Implementation 

As with all Delasoft solutions, OAC can be deployed on your infrastructure, hosted in a managed cloud environment or accessed as a subscription service. 

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DOTs deserve a flexible, streamlined permitting solution. Our software adapts to your practices and supports your team both in the office and in the field. If your outdoor advertising team needs a versatile system customized to your needs, Delasoft, Inc. will implement OAC in accordance with your departmental standards and state guidelines.  

Our permitting platform offers powerful toolkits for DOTs. To learn more about Outdoor Advertising control, and its sister programs: Junkyard Control, ROW Violations, Encroachment Permitting, and Utility Collaboration Manager, reach out to us today.  

We look forward to working with you. 

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