Outdoor Advertising


Delasoft’s Outdoor Advertising Control software is designed to be user friendly, but we know that our clients may be looking for inclusive outdoor advertising services. At Delasoft, we not only offer training in our software, but data services to ensure that your needs are met.  

What is Outdoor Advertising Control? 

Our software is an asset management resource specifically for billboards. Our platform tracks and inventories billboards, allowing you to analyze advertising on routes, create reports, and track specific events. 

Tracking billboards can be a part of marketing analysis, highway maintenance, and beautification standards, making Outdoor Advertising Control a powerful tool for both government agencies and private organizations. 


The Service or the Product 

At Delasoft, we work with clients from a variety of industries. Some may be familiar with outdoor advertising control and have access to the necessary resources to implement the software on an ongoing basis. Other clients may be interested in a one-time analysis, or help implementing the software and collecting data.  

Delasoft, Inc. will work with you to find an effective solution based on your needs, employees, and hardware. This may include training and technical support, help with updates to your data, data migration assistance, or even data collection. 

We believe in empowering our clients to control and understand their software, and in making sure that they have what they need to make use of any application they purchase. Whether you need data collection services, staff training, or implementation and deployment support, Delasoft is ready to work with you.  


Reach Out to Our Team 

Delasoft, Inc. is always ready to discuss what we can do for you. Reach out to us online or by phone to learn more about how to become a Delasoft client.