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Delasoft’s model is based around our platforms. We believe that a well-designed, powerful tool can have many applications, and should be adaptable and extensible for new industries, markets, and users. 

At Delasoft, Inc. we’re always working on new ideas for platforms, expanding the capabilities of our current platforms, and perfecting and testing the products that we offer to our clients.


Delasoft’s permitting platform is a comprehensive solution for managing permits, collecting payments, inspecting event sites, and communicating with permit holders.  

This platform has been expanded to support a variety of industries and niches, from corporate organizations to government agencies. It offers both in-office and mobile capabilities, flexible and scalable architecture, internal and external facing utilities, highly configurable settings, and customizable modules. 

Products designed from this platform include: Encroachment Permitting System, Outdoor Advertising Control, Junkyard Control, Utility Collaboration Manager, and our ROW Violation System. Aspects of RevJet and RevJet360 have come from our permitting software.

 Additionally, a forthcoming municipal permitting expansion has been announced.


Delasoft, Inc. offers airport managers, DOTs, and aviation industry members a powerful tool for managing airport permitting, data, and revenue.  

Our aviation platform has been implemented for several airports across the United States, with customized modules, additional features based on the needs of the client, and turnkey components. This platform offers full lifecycle permitting utilities, customizable and automated invoicing, dynamic document creation, automated event creation based on digital video footage, and structured workflows, internal notices and notification, vendor lists, and highly configurable architecture and settings. 

Our Aviation platform is the basis for RevJet®, RevJet360, and our current modules: Lease Manager, Badge Manager, and Ground Vehicle Permitting.


Our transportation platform leverages the power of linear referencing systems for clients in a variety of roles. Our platform empowers your team to avoid wasted time, improve data quality, and automate routine tasks using highly configurable structured workflows, dynamic map views and attribute searches, mobile GPS utilities, and business rules designed by and for transportation professionals.  

Our transportation platform can be deployed for a variety of transportation data phases, including data collection, analysis, and reporting. Our configurable business rules and integrated mapping and GIS tools streamline data maintenance by automating and validating data maintenance and creating intuitive interfaces for reviewing data. 

Expanding off of our base platform, we also offer powerful modules for implementing transportation data into day-to-day processes. 

Our transportation software family includes the following products: Enterprise Roadway Manager, Highway Performance Monitoring System, Incident Locator Tool, Roadway Video Log, Spatial Components Admin Tool, and our current project, Safety Analysis Toolkit.

Machine Learning

Delasoft, Inc. is developing an innovative machine learning platform to support smarter processes and cut down on wasted man hours. Our machine learning platform leverages existing databases to teach your machines to recognize assets from video and still footage. 

Automate inventory generation and asset maintenance, streamline event creation, and manage your current data with ease. Our machine learning software includes our sign inventory and asset extraction modules.

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Our software is highly customizable, with a variety of involvement levels for implementation and maintenance. Many of our products are offered as cloud-based, turnkey solutions, with extendable warranties, technical support, and staff training.  

Reach out to us online, by email, or at (302) 533-7913 to request a demo or learn more about our software.