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Aviation software solutions are an evolving field. As the aviation industry grows and expands, the needs of its specialists, managers, staff, and network change. At Delasoft, we’re building cutting edge technology, incorporating new innovations, and equipping industry professionals with powerful software systems.

About the Platform 

Our aviation platform offers an enterprise system for airport permitting and revenue management, interfacing with customers and vendors, records and document management, and flexible reporting and data analysis. With a modular, extensible design and flexible architecture, the platform can be expanded with custom modules and features for maximum utility. 


Configurable Architecture 

Our software is designed to be accessible, user friendly, and dynamic. We built our aviation platform with configurable architecture to keep pace with your needs and eliminate obsolescence. Our highly customizable aviation platform is designed to equip your team with the knowledge and tools to customize settings and take control of your software.  User friendly settings allow you to define custom business practices and modify them in-house with an intuitive editor content builder. 

Set, modify, and delete business rules, create custom user roles with configurable access and permissions, edit permit application fields, types, and statuses, and easily update application and site content with our integrated document editor and dynamic document builder.  


Permit Application and Approval 

Delasoft’s aviation platform was conceived as a solution to airport permitting and revenue collection. Our platform features full-lifecycle permitting tools, from application through review and approval. Customizable statuses can be manually or automatically triggered to move the permitting process forward and alter permissions and access to the event file and details.  

Designate different permit types and statuses, assign workflows and billing cycles, and set business rules for the customer portal. Automate event creation and status changes, set expiration dates and manage relevant documents. Our notices and notification tools allow you to send system wide alerts, communicate between staff, and communicate with customers and vendors.  


Revenue Management 

Our aviation platform is built to streamline airport revenue management. Assign invoice cycles to specific inventory and permit types, customize SKUs, track leases and additional charges, and track hangar use, tie-downs, automobile parking, and lane use with our customizable invoice and billing tools.  

The platform takes the legwork out of revenue tracking and management by automating invoice cycles, creating comprehensive, searchable records, and offering customers and vendors a portal for online payment.  

Our dynamic document builder allows you to customize leases and invoices and send via our internal system and through email, snail mail, text, and more. Track utility use, fuel consumption, water use, electricity use, land use, and other charges and automatically invoice recurring customers. A directory tool allows you to register customers, integrate DOT databases, and track vendors and corporate permit holders. Keep your list of FBOs up to date and comprehensive, and simplify communication between your team and theirs. 

Our aviation platform also creates a clear audit trail, with comprehensive records, edit histories, and secure permissions. Track activity and revenue, create dynamic reports with our data analysis tools, and review quarterly, annual, and custom figures and trends. 


Additional Modules 

Delasoft knows that every airport and client has unique needs. That’s why we support custom modules, extensions, and plug-ins, to ensure that your system works for you.   

Some additional modules we have designed include:  

    • Concerto AI customer support 
    • Mobile permit applications via cellular text 
    • Video and photo recognition for automated event creation 
    • Customer Support Modules 
    • Mobile capabilities to support staff on the tarmac


We’re always happy to design new modules and features to support you and your team, and create a powerful, comprehensive system 


Current Products 

RevJet® Airport Permitting and Revenue Management System — Manage airport permits, from ground vehicle parking to tie downs, hangars, and more. Track and request fee payment, maintain FBO directories, and receive and review one-time or continuing permit requests with our structured workflows, dynamic document builder, external user portal, and custom roles.

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