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At Delasoft, Inc. we know that a flexible, user friendly permitting solution is the key to streamlining your business and supporting your specialists. We designed our permitting platform with your team and your customers in mind. Our permitting platform supports both public and private sector clients and offers internal- and external-facing features to keep your operations on the cutting edge. 

About the Platform 

Permitting is a highly individualized process, with different workflows, standards, and requirements across different organizations. Our permitting platform is highly flexible, customizable, and configurable, with intuitive tools for changing standards, settings, documents, and more without the cost and expense of altering the base code. Our platform is a communication hub for your team and your patrons, an application review system, a collaborative project management tool, and a record tracker and report builder in one, comprehensive solution.  


Configurable Architecture 

We know that the field is constantly changing and evolving. That’s why we build our software to offer long term value and eliminate obsolescence.  

The cost of retaining the original developer to update an application can be prohibitive. That’s why our permitting software is highly configurable and designed to keep pace with your changes. User friendly configuration settings allow you to set your own business practices and modify them in-house with an intuitive workflow builder. 

Set, modify, and delete business rules, create custom user roles with configurable access and permissions, edit permit application fields, types, and statuses, and easily update application and site content with our integrated document editor. 

Our utilities are designed to give your team control over their tools. Our developers and educational specialists will train your staff on the application’s utilities and features to keep your settings in your hands. 


Permit Application and Approval 

Our permitting platform brings customers to you, with a customer portal for permit applications, internal and external communication, and user/event profiles.  

Customers can submit permit requests, upload relevant documents, and communicate with your team in an individual application. Our highly configurable business rules allow you to designate different permit types and statuses based on submitted information, customer type, request type, and other conditions. Our system automates permit classification, document requests, file uploads, and event creation and creates an individual profile and edit history for each permit to streamline application review and communication.  

An editable support module gives your customers a resource to navigate and understand the process and allows you to interface with your patrons without expending individual resources. 


Billing and Invoice Utility 

Request and collect payment with automated, customizable invoice cycles, vendor directories, user profiles, and a payment portal. Automatically or manually assign fees and fines to events and set billing procedures by event and patron type.  

Track payment request and collection, pay assets, contractors, and vendors, and record all transactions for easy creation of audit trails and comprehensive records. 


Report Builder 

Use our standard report types and set your own with a flexible, user friendly report builder. Stay on top of revenue, activity, violations, and other attributes, and increase data quality. Our report builder streamlines your data analysis and periodic reviews to help you improve efficiency and identify trends and best practices. 


Current Products 

Our family of permitting solutions is always expanding. We are always happy to discuss a new product customized to your specific needs, or to implement an existing product for you and your team. To learn more about our current products, please review our offerings below. 


Encroachment Permitting System — Manage highway encroachment permitting with EPS, featuring structured workflows, dynamic document creation, comprehensive history tracking, mobile capabilities, and integrated ESRI ArcGIS capabilities.

Junkyard Control System — Inspect and issue permits, apply billing cycles and create invoices with our permit workflows and mobile support, and comply with FHWA Highway beautification policies. Easily create, request, and track invoices, for comprehensive audit trails and reporting.

Outdoor Advertising Control —Manage outdoor advertising permits in both the office and the field, with our responsive interface, cloud-based permitting platform. Customize permit types, roles, and workflows and create invoice cycles and track permit types and revenue to comply with FHWA Highway Beautification policies.

Utility Collaboration Manager — Streamline your projects with UCM, our comprehensive project management and communication program, enhanced with ESRI ArcGIS integration. Upload documents and images, customize workflows, easily track project and workflow history, and communicate in-application with notifications, shared discussion pages, and email and user portals.

ROW Violation System — Identify and track right of way violations, request and receive payments, and log violations in the field with our mobile capability and responsive interface. [Learn More] 


Request A Demo

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us by phone or through our contact form to request a demo. We provide lasting software solutions, custom-tailored to our clients’ needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, RFPs, or for a price estimate.  

We look forward to hearing from you.