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Delasoft, Inc. is a pioneer in GIS and transportation solutions. Our versatile transportation platform supports DOTs, private corporations, and public agencies across the country. 

With enterprise systems, plug-in tools, and standalone modules, our transportation platform is versatile and diverse, built to bring the power of GIS to specialists across industries.  

About the Platform 

At Delasoft, transportation is a core area of our services and products. Our platform equips your team with powerful, intuitive tools to support your daily business and roles. 


Roadway Management 

Our platform supports roadway management and maintenance, with ESRI’s ArcGIS and customizable business rules. Our system prevents data loss with a multi-step data editing process, implements business rules once changes are published, and validates data to prevent conflicts.  

Integrated functions track route attributes, displaying them in a flexible multiview interface, complete with straight line diagram, dynamic map, and digital video log. Attribute panels make adding or editing event data simple and intuitive, with both tabular, click and drag, and snappable mile point editors. 

Configurable business rules take the leg work out of managing roadway data, while our savable queries allow you to review roadways by attribute, view total mile counts, and compare data. 


Data Reporting 

From the FHWA’s highway performance monitoring submittal to periodic data reviews, data management and reporting is a vital part of DOT and transportation industry activity. Our data collection, validation, and reporting tools increase efficiency and empower your data analysis team to collect and submit data in a timely fashion, increase data quality, and review overall data collection progress, to keep projects on track. 


Highly Configurable Architecture 

Our platform is designed with longevity in mind. We know that the industry is always changing, with new requirements, specifications, and procedures. We build our software to minimize obsolescence and put power in the hands of you and your team.  

Our highly configurable, extensible architecture offers long term solutions that can keep pace with your industry.   

Avoid the cost and expense of contracting the development team to add new business rules and standards with accessible customization. Edit, add, and modify business rules, structure workflows, permissions, roles, and external access, integrate with existing databases and systems, and add new documents and stipulations in-house. 


Diverse Utility 

Harness the capabilities of geospatial data to empower your team with our modules and plug-ins. While our enterprise system supports transportation data management, our modules and plug-ins bring the power of GIS to law enforcement, first responders, and public employees.  

With our integrative and standalone applications, you can bring dynamic mapping, reporting, and record creation to your team and incorporate your GPS-enabled hardware into your practices. 


Current Products 

Enterprise Roadway Manager — Maintain and update roadways and route attributes, integrate external data, and report and analyze transportation data with our powerful data hub built for both office and mobile use. Build and save queries for easy reporting and interface with data in our multi-view data interface, including straight-line diagram, tabular, digital video log, dynamic map, and attribute panel views.

Highway Performance Monitoring System — Designed for federal and state reporting, HPMS makes tracking the condition and functionality simple, with our comprehensive data management and reporting tool.

Incident Locator Tool — Empower law enforcement to locate incidents, report accurate location, road, and other attributes, and plan a response. ILT is a simple to use, customizable plug-in to simplify reporting and response procedures.

RoadVideo — Track current and historic route footage with RoadVideo, Delasoft’s user friendly road inventory tool. View street-level views, travel along the roadway, and compare current and history inventory with side-by-side video views.

Spatial Components Admin Tool — Manage your spatial components with ease in Oracle Spatial Enterprise Databases with this integrative tool. Simplify your processes by eliminating the need to write complex queries for routine tasks, and make LRS triggers, dynamic segmentation, and other key functions a click away.

Request A Demo

Whether you and your team are looking for a comprehensive transportation system or a simple plug-in to equip your team with mapping and GPS, Delasoft, Inc. is ready to build you a solution. Our team of experienced developers, data analysts, and industry professionals will work with you to design, customize, and implement your solution. 

Reach out to us today by email, phone, or our online contact form. We’re happy to schedule a meeting or a demo to discuss your needs. To bring an RFP to our attention, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

We look forward to working with you.