Remote Workspaces


At Delasoft, we have team members calling in from across the country, and even outside the U.S. We know how important it is to have an infrastructure that keeps your team together, even when you’re physically distant. 

Delasoft builds and maintains remote workspaces to give your team a place to collaborate and communicate. Our team can build you the tools to work with contractors, clients, and partners in a shared workspace, complete with individual user workstations and servers all hosted on the cloud. 

What is a Remote Workspace? 

A remote workspace is a server or set of servers that allows your team to work synchronously on shared projects. It may be accessible from a home office, from a set of in-office computers connected to the server, or even from a tablet or mobile device.  


Why Would I Need One? 

Remote workspaces can be invaluable for many different organizations. They empower your employees to connect with one another over short or long distances, collaborate on projects, and share their work.  

Colleges often use remote workspaces to connect their students with institutional resources and software, while companies use them to create a shared space for clients, partners, and team members. If your team is working on projects from different geographic areas, working remotely, or relying on a shared server for testing and development, you can benefit from a powerful, well-designed remote workspace. 


What Can Delasoft Do for Me? 

Delasoft, Inc. can design, implement, and maintain a remote workspace to empower your team to do their best work. Our experienced engineers and technician can customize a workspace for your project, maintain and install the infrastructure, and handle technical support for your servers and user workstations.  

Bring your workspace to the cutting edge and heighten employee connectivity with a powerful and intuitive remote workspace. 

To discuss your needs, reach out to Delasoft at (302) 533-7913 or via our online contact form.