RevJet® Airport Permitting and Revenue Management System


RevJet is Delasoft’s dynamic data management system for airport permitting and revenue functions. Our cloud-based, flexible system is designed to simplify and streamline airport management, so your day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

RevJet offers a variety of advanced features that can be implemented to improve both internal and external functionality. At its core, RevJet is built to improve user experience, simplify data management, and provide a powerful toolkit for airport personnel. To fulfill this mission, RevJet is intuitive and versatile, with a clean UI and an accessible dashboard tailored to your needs.

Core Features 

RevJet expands on our platform to provide powerful solutions for your data needs. With RevJet, vehicle records, tenant and lessee data, customer support, invoices and payments, audit trails, and administrator privileges can all be found in one user-friendly dashboard.  

Airport data management necessitates flexibility and customizable options, and RevJet is designed to offer maximum adaptability in permitting processes, revenue management, internal processes, and customer and vendor support. Our software simplifies permitting by collecting and defining data for your workflow, taking the legwork out of processing vehicle tags, event details, and invoices and offers you 


Airport Permitting Utilities 

RevJet offers a comprehensive permitting platform, with support features for every step of your workflow. RevJet’s permit application portal allows FBOs to easily upload vehicle data, insurance documents and company information for approval by airport management and risk assessment, with integrated notes, attachments, vehicle records, automatic status changes, and other support functions.  

Customize RevJet’s SKUs and permit types to charge fees consistent with your schedule and terms. Customers and vendors can pay permitting fees online with a card or bank account, receive and approve invoices, or communicate with your team. RevJet also features an expandable company list and DOT directory to manage FBOs and permit holders and to identify transient vehicles. 

RevJet also takes the guesswork out of permitting with its License Plate Recognition system. To answer the need for an automatic event generation system, RevJet is capable of processing video feeds, analyzing images of commercial passenger vehicles, and logging the license plate or tail number. It then calculates fees based on your permit structure, invoices the vehicle company, and performs online permitting per vehicle. 


Revenue Management 

RevJet gives you the power to manage your revenue streams, financial data, payment processes, and FBOs all in one location. Internal users can access a variety of essential revenue functions, including assigning and reviewing invoice cycles by permit type, customer, or vendor.  Configure SKUs in the billing and payment system and manage tenants, ground leases, and utility use with our configurable payent system. Automated and manual invoice cycles allow supervisors to streamline revenue management. 

In addition to transactional revenue functions, RevJet supports data analysis and reporting. Data can be exported in the form of daily reports, yearly reports, SKU reports and more, as well as exporting grid views to a .csm file.  


Internal Operations 

RevJet creates a hub for key airport operations, from maintenance records and notices to account activity. The dashboard is home to many key tools for airport managers to promote efficient and productive internal functionality. With highly configurable permissions and functions, our aviation platform can be modified and customized to support a variety of internal operations.  

Internal users can be assigned and perform tasks with configurable workflows, roles, and permissions. Administrators have the power to add, edit, and remove users; add and review airport events, post internal notices, edit email notifications, create or select roles, create or change internal statuses, host company documents, and maintain audit trails for services and permits.  


Customer and Vendor Support  

Interfacing with customers and companies is a critical aspect of airport management. Both staff and external users benefit from a dynamic, user-friendly portal for services, payment, and interaction. RevJet offers end users the ability to apply for and manage permits, pay and review invoices, register for an account, communicate with airport personnel directly and via notices, and review data.  

RevJet also supports a customer contact AI that allows customers to book tie-downs, pay fees, and apply for permits on a mobile device. Administrators also have the power to edit and manage a User Help module to reduce support tickets. 


Requirements and Implementation 

As with all Delasoft solutions, RevJet can be deployed on your infrastructure, hosted in a managed cloud environment or accessed as our RevJet360 subscription service.

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At Delasoft, Inc., we believe in creating effective, comprehensive solutions and powerful toolkits for our clients. RevJet offers dynamic, customizable solutions to your airport management needs. If you’re looking for a streamlined airport management system, visit the RevJet website or reach out to our team today. We’re glad to schedule a demo or call with you to discuss how Delasoft can work for you.  

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