RoadVideo Log


A key responsibility of state Departments of Transportation is maintenance of roads and other infrastructure. DOTs must be able to review road inventory quickly and easily and review changes over time. Delasoft’s RoadVIDEO Log (RVL) offers easy access to road inventory, intuitive data visualization, and advanced features to integrate with other data management tools and data types.

Core Features 

Video log data has become an essential information source for transportation asset management.  RVL allows transportation data professionals to review and update asset data from their workstations to reduce time consuming site visits. RVL can stand alone or integrate with Enterprise Roadway Management, our configurable transportation data hub.  


Road Inventory Viewer 

RVL is a web-based digital video log (DVL) for reviewing road inventory. A user-friendly interface allows you to navigate to specific inventory records by route or mile point, or with our media-player style controls. Progress along the route image-by-image, fast-forward, rewind, and play images automatically. Easily set image progression speed and pause progression.  

RVL makes it easy to review DVL data, with support for three forward-facing images in a panoramic array, a rear-facing image, and a pavement image. Switch between views, adjust view positioning, and download data for offline use. Configure settings in administrator mode and easily customize data permissions. 

A dynamic map feature leverages Esri and Google Maps capabilities to offer synchronized display of the current location. RVL’s side-by-side viewer supports historical data and empowers your team to compare road conditions over time. Pull data from specific years, track maintenance needs, and compare specific mile point records with ease. 


Admin and Query Launcher

RVL features multiple methods of retrieving data. Our admin launcher offers a customizable tabular view to select record data. A query launcher empowers your team to build custom queries and review matching data. Filter by various route attributes, such as number of lanes, growth factor, or county code. 


Flexible Architecture 

RVL is built to adapt easily to different DOT practices and needs. It supports all major imagery collection vendors, including Pathway, Mandli, and Roadware. Our software translates between geographic coordinates and route/measure locations, making RVL ideal for integration with LRS. 

Customizable data settings empower your department to tailor RVL’s capabilities to your needs. Set custom imagery intervals, customize image slots, and adjust and standardize image positions by record, route, and other attributes.  


Requirements and Implementation 

As with all Delasoft solutions, RVL can be deployed on your infrastructure, hosted in a managed cloud environment or accessed as a subscription service. 

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At Delasoft, inc. we support DOT business with intuitive, flexible software solutions. RVL simplifies data collection and review and offers your team access to key data from the safety of the office. For more information about how RVL can support your team, reach out to us online or at (302) 533-7913.

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