Spatial Components Admin Tool


Spatial Components Admin Tool is a client server application that integrates with Oracle Spatial enterprise databases, and provides an easy way of managing spatial components. It can be used with minimal knowledge of Oracle Spatial, to manage and control spatial objects.

Efficiency of GIS group will increase because it eliminates the tasks of writing complex queries with simple user-friendly GUI based interface. It helps organization to achieve and maintain the standards and integrity of spatial data. Included Linear Referencing adds the value to this product. Dynamic segmentation and adding a LRS Trigger to an event table can be done by single mouse click.


  • Single Console to view/manage all spatial objects:
    Spatial Components Admin Tool provides a single screen interface to access all administration functionality.
  • Manage Source of Data:
    Manage Vendor information, Data update frequency, Assign a person to be responsible for Grants and Usages for each spatial table. Analytical reports give better administrative control. View Geometry object’s properties as GTYPE, Dimension 2D/3D or Coordinate System. Select any spatial table from list and its geometrical properties populate instantly. Translate Geometry from one coordinate System to other. Generate Geometry from X/Y or X/Y/Z coordinates stored as attributes in table.
  • Maintain the Standards and data integrity:
    Maintain the standards for metadata entries, index naming, coordinates system and Dimension. Console shows number of invalid geometries for any spatial table, and report helps find the reason with recommended action for invalid geometry.
  • Metadata and Spatial index:
    Single click will let you create the metadata and spatial index. In addition, separate interfaces for metadata and spatial indexes provide an easy way to manage these components from single window.
  • Spatial Query:
    Create spatial queries using GUI interface, view the query script and even customize it. It supports four type of Queries SDO_RELATE,  SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE, SDO_NN and  LRS_MILE_MEASURE (Reverse Dynamic Segmentation) .
  • View Map:
    Spatial Components Admin Tool provides a simple and easy interface to see map for any spatial table. It uses Oracle’s mapviewer functionality for the mapping interface.
  • LRS – Linear Referencing System:
    Spatial Components Admin Tool provides easy way to setup LRS networks to get full advantage of Oracle LRS capability. Interface allows creation of LRS triggers and dynamic segmentation.
  • Application Security:
    User security is controlled through four levels of security. Admin, index creation, creating Metadata and updating feature attributes privileges can be given to the user.


  • Oracle 10g or higher version with spatial enablement
  • Spatial Data must be stored in Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY
  • Oracle Application Server 10g (10.1.2) or higher version for Mapping
  • Operating System:  Windows NT 4, 2000, XP or higher, UNIX, Linux

Client Machine:

  • Window OS
  • Oracle client 9i or higher version
  • Processor:  Pentium V 1.0 GHz minimum
  • Memory:  1 GB RAM minimum
  • Hard Disk Space:  10MB Free spac