Featured Article: Is Ground Vehicle Permitting the Income Solution Your Airport Needs?

Buses and shuttle companies are valued partners for many airports, but do you know which companies are picking up passengers, and when? Ground vehicle permitting offers data and revenue solutions that can bring answers and balance your budget. With air traffic ramping up again, passengers need…

  • Kenneth G. Moen, A.A.E., C.A.E.


Hot Headlines

What articles are hitting the top of the charts for December?

NASA Tech Tapped For FAA Air Traffic Management.” Lisbeth Perez, Meritalk. 11/23/2021.

New FAA Policy Limits Use of Automatic Landing, RNP at Airports Vulnerable to 5G Interference.” Woodrow Bellamy III, Aviation Today, 12/8/2021.

Federal Aviation Administration accredits the Drone Racing League as first UAS event organizer.” sUAS News, 12/13/2021.

Fatal plane crash near Inola under investigation by Federal Aviation Administration.” Staff Reports, Tulsa World News, 12/13/2021.

FAA insider says Boeing pilot is a ‘scapegoat’ for 737 MAX crashes, defense claims.” Seattle Times, 12/15/2021

Safety of Airline Passengers, Flight Crews and Flight Attendants High Priority.” Dept. of Justice of the Southern District of Iowa, 12/17/2021.

Airports gearing up for uptick and return to normal travel numbers for the holidays.” Jordie Clark, ABC News, 12/17/2021.

FAA: Georgia spaceport decision near, but more study needed.” The Associated Press, 12/18/2021.

Airlines Brace for Flight Restrictions in 5G Standoff.” Andrew Tangel & Drew Fitzgerald, Wall Street Journal, 12/19/2021.

Mississippi man facing 5 years in prison for shining lasers at FedEx planes.” Michael Bartiromo, Fox 4, 12/19/2021.

FAA awards $18M in infrastructure grants to airports in New Mexico.” Noel Lyn Smith, Farmington Daily News, 12/20/2021.

Archer Electric VTOL Air Taxi Demo Passes Major Test.” Ed Garston, Forbes, 12/20/2021.

Upcoming Events

Check out these events for learning experiences, networking opportunities, and social get-togethers. RevJet will be hosting two webinars in the next few weeks, and the AAAE and ACI-NA are holding several conferences, both virtual and in person.

2022 Air Service Data Seminar — January 5–7, 2022 | New Orleans, LA

Aviation Issues Conference — January 9–12, 2022 | Kauai, HI

Implementing Business Support Software: A Cloud-Based Approach — January 12, 2022. 2:00–2:30pm EST | Sign Up

2022 Risk Management Conference — January 12–14, 2022 | San Diego, CA

Emerging Leaders Conference — January 18–20, 2022 | Virtual

2022 SWAAAE Winter Conference — January 23–26, 2022 | Monterey, CA

Lease Management Made Simple — February 2, 2022, 4:00–4:30pm EST | Sign Up

2022 ACI-NA/AAAE Washington Legislative Conference — March 3–4, 2022 | Washington, DC

2022 ACI-NA/AAAE Customer Experience Symposium — March 7–9, 2022 | Nashville, TN

Special Feature

With the holidays right around the corner, Delasoft and RevJet are sharing our favorite holiday party duo: cracker candy and a rum-coffee night cap.

 Rum-Coffee Nightcap

Ingredients: 2 oz Goslings Gold Seal Rum, 2 oz of cold-brewed coffee, ½ oz maple syrup, Orange zest, 1 dash of Angostura bitters, tonic to top, and 1 orange twist to garnish

Prep time: 5 minutes

You will need: 1 cocktail shaker, 1 cocktail glass

Step 1: Fill the cocktail shaker 1/3 full of ice. Add the rum, coffee, maple syrup, bitters, and orange zest.

Step 2: Securely close the shaker and shake well.

Step 3: Strain the cocktail over your choice of ice or chilled whiskey stones.

Step 4: Add your tonic of choice and garnish with the orange twist.

Cracker Candy

Ingredients: 2 sleeves of saltine crackers, 10 oz of semi-sweet chocolate chips, 1/3 cup of bakers wax (grated), 1 cup M&M candies, 1 cup crushed pretzels, ½ cup peanut butter or 4 tbsp butter, and sea salt (to taste)

Prep time: 10 minutes | Cook Time: 20 minutes

You will need: 1 large sheet pan, 1 saucepan, 1 batter scraper

 Step 1: Arrange the saltine crackers in the sheet pan

Step 2: Heat the chocolate chips, bakers wax, and peanut butter or butter in the sauce pan over medium heat. Stir frequently until mixture is fully melted.

Step 3: Pour the melted chocolate over the crackers, using the batter scraper to spread evenly.

Step 4: Sprinkle crushed pretzels and M&M candies over the crackers and chocolate.

Step 5: Drizzle any remaining chocolate overtop.

Step 6: Cool in the fridge for at least 1 hour before serving.

 Quote of the Month

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

— Mark Twain


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