Enterprise Roadway Manager


Departments of Transportation across the United States must be able to process expansive datasets, while managing and maintaining continuity across systems and geographies. Delasoft’s Enterprise Roadway Manager (ERM) software answers the need for a powerful, integrative platform for GIS data and roadway management.  

 ERM serves as a high-utility hub for your transportation data, with built-in tools to edit, review, publish, and validate data; to configure business rules for common data changes; and to sort, filter, and retrieve data via trackable queries. 

Core Features 

ERM is built for transportation departments and specialists. With flexible, scalable architecture, highly configurable business rules, and versatile reporting tools, ERM is built to be a lasting solution that minimizes obsolescence and streamlines data management. 

ERM equips your in-office and field staff with comprehensive, intuitive tools for curating data, reviewing changes, and complying with agency standards. Based on our Transportation Platform, ERM is highly configurable and integrative with other products and systems. 


Comprehensive Data Tools 

ERM helps prevent lost data, conflicting changes, and lengthy update processes. A structured edit and publishing system caches the route data, which can then be edited without altering the published data. Once published, the data can be reviewed and validated for conflicts or necessary alterations and a record of the changes is logged for easy tracking. 

To maintain data continuity, ERM also features highly configurable business rules that respond to data changes. Business data can easily adjust to route changes, snapping to new routes automatically based on your department’s business rules and conditions. 

ERM can export data to a variety of formats for easy record keeping, statistical analysis, and reporting. 


Data Interface and Event Displays 

Navigate, review, and manage roadways using ERM’s intuitive display. Featuring a straight-line diagram, attribute panels, digital video log, and dynamic map, our data interface tool allows you to switch easily between view types. Each view type can be opened in a separate window for editing, and changes made in one window will be reflected in the other views.   

ERM’s straight-line diagram features a stylized roadway with each event displayed in its relative location. Toggle event visibility to emphasize and declutter your display, add events in-diagram, and select events for review and editing. Navigating along the straight-line diagram progresses the video log and dynamic map, allowing users to visualize the roadway from a variety of data perspectives.  

The configurable attribute panels can display dozens of attributes in a neat, organized layout. View event data and click and drag event types to add them to the straight-line diagram or open a tabular view to manually add mile-point data. 

The dynamic map display uses Esri’s ArcGIS server to display the route in context. Zoom in and out, view intersecting roadways, and add and remove event data as needed. 


Query Builder 

Navigate your data with ease with our savable queries. Search through routes by location, buffer zones, attributes, direction, and more. Easily filter searches, view matches in grid or interactive map form, and share queries with team members. 

Our query builder is configurable and flexible, allowing you to search for routes by characteristics and key information. Save your query for later use, to keep reporting consistent and track changes in roadway types over time. 


Easy Integration with External Databases 

ERM incorporates data from a variety of external systems and displays relevant data in organized, user-friendly interfaces. To accommodate the changing needs and resources of our clients, ERM can gather and update data from external databases, allowing you to edit, review, and add data within ERM, regardless of data source, and export them in a variety of formats. 


Highly Configurable Architecture 

ERM offers highly customizable settings and architecture. Our software easily adapts to your system and standards. With accessible business rules, your team has the tools to modify and update data settings. Set new protocols for changing routes, alter and add workflows, add new users and permissions, and create route types, event types, and attribute settings with ERM’s flexible code.  

A user-friendly, structured business rule engine equips your specialists to create conditions and automate data maintenance. Validate your data for conflicts, and manually toggle specific events and issues, set conditions for specific attributes, and set standards by route, geography, user, and more 


Mobile Capabilities 

Avoid data backlogs and update delays with ERM’s mobile data management. Using your mobile device’s GPS, ERM can support field specialists as they add, edit, and update data, locate nearby routes, and upload relevant materials while on-site. ERM uses a responsive interface to support mobile devices of various sizes and minimize delay in data collection. 


Requirements and Implementation 

As with all Delasoft solutions, ERM can be deployed on your infrastructure, hosted in a managed cloud environment or accessed as a subscription service. 

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