Incident Locator Tool


Designed to minimize overall time spent in locating and recording incidents

Incident Locator Tool (ILT) comes with GIS capabilities and functionality that captures location information of an incident and integrates with the Law Enforcement Support Systems. The Incident Locator Tool leverages Microsoft .NET and ThinkGeoMapSuite GIS API and is designed as a standalone application that is installed on the user’s computers.


  • Incident Locator Tool (ILT) helps police departments plot the location of incidents on a spatial map and report accurate location, road, and other attributes.  The tool can be used to gather individual incident data quickly and accurately.
  • ILT is designed to minimize overall time spent by the police officers in locating and recording incidents by reducing the number of steps required to accomplish the task.
  • ILT integrates with wireless modems capable of providing GPS information to automatically pan and zoom to the location of the incident.
  • ILT features dynamic smart search and automatic intersection finders that help the users pinpoint the exact location of an incident as quickly as possible.
  • ILT has been designed to be a low maintenance tool which can be easily customized for the individual departmental needs. Requires no databases and works as a standalone or a plug in to a larger system. A very simple to use interface makes it highly user friendly.


IBM PC compatible Computer/Laptop with the following minimum specifications:

Processor: At least Pentium IV or equivalent (1 Ghz or higher)
Memory: 1 GB or higher
Hard Disk: At least 5 GB of free space (This includes map data)
Networking: Ethernet or wireless connectivity for updates.
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP2/Vista SP1 or higher
Other: Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5