Incident Locator Tool


Delasoft, Inc. partners with a variety of government agencies, bringing the power of transportation and GIS software to the people. Our Incident Locator Tool (ILT) empowers law enforcement and first responders to identify, visualize, and navigate to the incident site and increase reporting efficiency.  

This low-maintenance tool integrates easily with existing databases and systems, features a user-friendly interface, and can be implemented across a variety of incident types and responder types.

Core Features 

ILT offers time-saving features to law enforcement and first responders. Cut down on response time with a user-friendly site locator and navigation, decrease time spent on filling in report details, and tailor ILT to your practices and standards. 


Site Locator

ILT features dynamic smart search and automatic intersection finders to cut down on time spent locating the incident site. It also leverages GIS capabilities and functionality that capture location, road, and other attributes of an incident to simplify and enhance reporting and communication, using Microsoft .NET and ThinkGeoMapSuite GIS API. 


Visualize and Navigate to the Site

ILT uses a dynamic map screen to show responders the geographic context of the incident, visualize routes to the site, and place the incident by a variety of attributes, including county, intersection, route, and more.  


Easy Implementation and Deployment

ILT features a simple, user-friendly interface and highly configurable architecture to offer you and your team a personalized, easy to use tool across agencies, departments, and teams.  

It requires no databases and works both as a standalone application installed on individual machines or as a plug-in for a larger system. ILT integrates with the Law Enforcement Support Systems to allow for minimal interruption of continuity.  


Requirements and Implementation  

As with all Delasoft solutions, ILT can be deployed on your infrastructure, hosted in a managed cloud environment or accessed as a subscription service. 

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If your department is in need of an incident locator tool, our team can work with you to customize and implement it for your current system and departmental practices.  Reach out to us today to schedule a demo or discuss how Delasoft can work for you.