Junkyard Control System


Manage your junkyard inventory with Delasoft’s Junkyard Control System. Our permitting platform has been customized to support DOTs as they track inventory and permits and uphold the FHWA Highway Beautification Act.  

Create, track, edit, and review junkyard inventory, collect payment, visualize event location in dynamic map view, and support your specialists in the field with our JCS mobile component.  

Core Features 

JCS is a part of our family of permitting solutions. It offers highly configurable, comprehensive tools with customizable roles and settings, extensible architecture, and mobile capabilities. 


Approve and Review Inventory

JCS offers junkyard control support throughout inventory life cycle. Structured, configurable workflows walk a user through the lifecycle of a permit or inventory request from application through billing and collection and extinction. 

Teams in the field and the office can access, create, and approve inventory, inspect locations, and apply billing cycles. Collect documents in event-specific folders, request information from property owners, and communicate via a notices system and our dynamic document builder.  

Customize workflows by permit type, location, and other attributes, and set role-specific privileges in the permitting process.  


Request and Collect Fines

JCS includes an automated invoicing and online payment processing module that automatically creates billing and notifications based on user-defined invoice cycles and business rules. Collect payments online, customize invoice cycles by permit and customer type, and track violations and fees. JCS’s records system simplifies audit-trail creation, tracks finances, and simplifies data reporting and analysis. 


Mobile Capabilities

JCS supports your technicians in both the field and the office with our mobile integration. JCS can be deployed on smartphones, tablets and rugged mobile devices to empower your field specialists with GPS capabilities, photo collection and upload, inspection notes, and status changes from the inspection site.  


Integrated GIS

JCS offers integrated GIS capabilities to visualize event data in map form and integrate LRS data. Measure distance between signs, visualize permit locations, check for permit compliance, and maintain easy access to site data from the safety of the office. 


Requirements and Implementation 

As with all Delasoft solutions, JCS can be deployed on your infrastructure, hosted in a managed cloud environment or accessed as a subscription service. 

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At Delasoft, we build solutions with long term value and high customizability. If you and your team are in need of a permit management system, reach out to Delasoft today. Our flexible permitting platform offers solutions across a variety of permitting needs, from Junkyard control to commercial transportation.  

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