Junkyard Control System


A comprehensive solution for Junkyard Permitting.

Approve and manage Junkyard permits electronically to streamline Junkyard control. Mobile integration eliminates paper based field inspection reports. Track owner records, payments, invoicing and renewals online. Conforms to FHWA Highway beautification policies and guidelines.


  • Permitting:
    DOTs can inspect and issue permits, apply billing cycles and create invoices. Permit workflows walk the user through the life cycle of a permit.
  • Billing And Collection:
    Includes an automated invoicing and online payment processing module. Automatically creates billing and notifications based on user-defined invoice cycles and business rules.Provides easy tracking and auditing of billing and payment transactions including receipt generation. Sends overdue / delinquent invoices to legal department.
  • Smartphone and Tablet Integration:
    Mobile applications extend the system into the field, allowing permit/sign inspections directly from the field. Field staff can take pictures, record GPS locations, enter inspection notes & change sign status directly on a mobile device. Mobile applications can be deployed on smartphones, tablets and rugged mobile devices.
  • Integrated GIS:
    Out-of-the-box GIS integration provides a map based viewer to visualize sign locations. Measure distances between signs in the safety of your office using GIS tools to check for compliance.


Web Server: Windows 2003/2008 with IIS 6/7
Mapping: ESRI ArcGIS Server 9.x/10.x
Database: Oracle 10g/11g

Compatible with all major browsers