ROW Violation System


Delasoft’s Roadside Control Suite equips DOTs with flexible enterprise systems that support DOT business in the office and in the field. Streamline your right of way violations management with ROW Violations Control (RVC) and bring your teams together with a comprehensive object tracker, fine and fee processor, and data management system.  

Core Features  

At Delasoft, our developers have years of functional knowledge working with DOTs and transportation professionals. We bring this familiarity to our products, building software that integrates with your best practices and departmental standards.  

Our software is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs and systems, with highly customizable features, accessible settings, and high utility features built to minimize obsolescence.  


Track Violations

A core responsibility for DOTs is enforcing highway standards and tracking right of way violations. RVC supports your team as you track violations, store found objects, and assign fees and fines to violators. Our flexible system allows you to set workflows, designate new objects and violation types, keep track of violators, and coordinate with your legal team.  

RVC’s comprehensive toolkit streamlines your tracking and enforcement process. Each individual violation and violator has a comprehensive file, complete with record tracking, edit histories, linked attachments, communication boards, regulations and laws, and links between the violator and the violation.  

RVC helps you keep track of your collected objects, offering configurable statuses, including stored, recovered, disposed, and invalid statuses. Transfer files to your legal team, track appeals and outcomes, and communicate with object owners to collect or correct the violation. 

Our notification and notices system communicates with object owners and DOT staff, sends scheduled report notifications to admin and supervisors, and notifies specialists of changes, updates, and resolutions for violations. 

Our saveable queries allow your team to filter violations by location, route, type, date, and more. Search and review data, save and share queries, export results, and create dynamic reports with ad hoc and pregenerated searches. 


Billing and Payment

Simplify your fee and fine collection with RVC’s billing features. Assign invoice and billing cycles by violation types, set ad hoc fines and fees, and simplify audit trail creation. Violators can pay fines and fees easily online, and our notification system sends invoices and receipts to encourage timely payment.  

Designate fee type and due date easily with our customizable invoice cycles and inventory, assign overdue fines, and maintain violator, billing addresses, and payment history. A flexible directory allows you to manage violators, delete violations, cancel payments, and export contact information. Send communication via online and snail mail, keep hard copies of files, and transfer and delete expired data.  


Configurable Architecture

Like many of our products, RVC is highly configurable, with accessible settings and flexible architecture. Change and assign workflows by violation type and status, and build your own workflows with an intuitive, user-friendly engine. Set and modify roles and permissions, add and edit violation types, and keep pace with changes in regulations and standards. 

We put control over your practices in your hands and train your staff in customizing settings and practices. Avoid the cost and interruptions of retaining developers to update your software, and embrace the flexibility of configurable business rules, structured workflows, and ad hoc options. 


Integrated GIS Capabilities 

RVC leverages Esri’s ArcGIS software to offer your team interactive maps, integration of LRS data, and dynamic data viewing. Review data in its geographic context, filter data by route, region, orientation, and more. An interactive map features pins with data summaries and excerpts for each event.  

Search and filter events in map-view, select violations geographically or with a linked grid view, and coordinate with other DOT teams. Maps feature layer toggles, site information, and other key functions, to allow you to access on-site data from the safety of the office. 


Mobile Support

Equip your field teams with a dynamic app for roadside control. The RVC mobile app harnesses your hardware’s camera and GPS capabilities for easy reporting and timely data updates. Download and cache system data, edit in-field, and publish changes with a mobile device. 

Responsive interfaces allow external users to access files and accounts and pay charges on mobile and desktop devices, increasing convenience and accessibility for customers and violators.  


Requirements and Implementation 

As with all Delasoft solutions, RVC can be deployed on your infrastructure, hosted in a managed cloud environment or accessed as a subscription service. 

Contact Us

DOTs across the country are implementing Delasoft’s Roadside Control Suite. If you and your team are in need of a comprehensive, flexible enterprise system, reach out to us today. ROW Violations Control, and its sister products, Outdoor Advertising Control, Vegetation Control, and Junkyard Control, are versatile applications, designed to be adapted to your practices and standards.  

Our team is always ready to demo existing products, discuss expansions to our platforms, and submit proposals for custom software. To learn more about what Delasoft can do for you, please call our office at (302) 533-7913, email us, or send us a message with our online contact form. 

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