ROW Violation System


Empower your ROW violations team with a comprehensive solution to identify violations, track violation life cycle and collect applicable fees from violators. Historical information helps identify repeat violators. ESRI based spatial capability supports violation location and analysis using a map.


  • Encroachments:
    Record and track ROW encroachments in an online system that generates notices, tracks violators and provides violation count, collection and warehouse storage metrics.
  • Notices And Collection:
    Generate warnings and civil violation notices to send to violators. Automatically track fines and payments based on due dates and flag delinquent violations. Accept payments online, process retrievals and send violations to legal.
    Smartphone and Tablet
  • Integration:
    Mobile applications extend violations system into the field, allowing field staff to log violations as they are spotted directly from the field. Field staff can take pictures, record GPS locations, enter violation notes directly on a mobile device. Mobile applications can be deployed on smartphones, tablets and/or rugged mobile devices.
  • Integrated GIS:
    Out-of-the-box GIS integration provides a map based viewer to visualize violation locations. Identify violation hotspots on a map to improve scheduling and track repeat offenders.
  • Warehouse Management:
    Track stored violation objects by storage location and violation. Get notifications on disposal and retrieval requests. Use mobile devices in the warehouse to scan object tag barcodes and set statuses.
  • Flexibility:
    Users can configure different violation types, due dates, fees, legal and disposal. Flexible reporting allows creation of custom reports.


Web Server: Windows 2003/2008 with IIS 6/7
Mapping: ESRI ArcGIS Server 9.x/10.x
Database: Oracle 10g/11g

Compatible with all major browsers