Utility Collaboration Manager


Delasoft works closely with government agencies, building powerful tools to support their process. Utility Collaboration Manager (UCM) integrates government procedures with utility companies, data management, and other vital aspects of state project management.  

Communicate with utility companies, manage and supervise projects, review permits and applications, delegate tasks, and integrate your workflows to a new, streamlined system with UCM, Delasoft’s premier project management enterprise system.  

Core Features 

UCM offers flexible architecture that molds closely to your system and practices. Enhance your project management with map-views and GIS data, customizable workflows, an interactive utility company directory, and Primavera-compatibility. 


Project Management

UCM is a powerful project management tool that brings your specialists and utility companies together, streamlining your process and increasing communication.  

UCM is a full-lifecycle tool for utility permits. Designate phases for your permits, with individualized, customizable workflows and procedures, staff involvement, and progress requirements. Our permit creation tools allow your team to attach specific utility companies to each project, set access, and set permit type to automate requirements moving forward. Upload files, view map data, set conditions, and review current data with individual permit record. A comprehensive history protects permit data and supports performance review and reporting. 

A shared discussion forum allows your team and utility companies to coordinate and resolve issues easily. Set custom access and permission rules for both your team and utility technicians with easy review and file sharing. Advance permits automatically with conditional status changes or implement ad hoc and manual progression for individual permits or permit types. A flexible notification system informs utility companies, agency employees, and specified users of new developments in a permit file.  

Conduct inspections, review applications, and set tasks and timelines for permits with ease. Compatibility with Primavera increases convenience and enhances project detailing and convenience. 


GIS and Mapping

At Delasoft, we pioneer the integration of GIS into new fields. UCM leverages Esri’s ArcGIS and your state LRS data to enhance your utility project management with seamless mapping capabilities. Our interactive map empowers your team to geographically visualize permits in the vicinity of state projects, search for projects by area, review routes, develop detour and traffic management plans, and harness transportation and spatial data in utility management. 

Geographic search view features filters, sorting, and saveable queries and settings. View selected events in map context or grid form, with overview pins for permits. Set involvement by area, create site rules, and designate administrators, users, and companies by location. 


Utility Company Accounts

UCM features a customizable utility company account directory. Keep your communications up to date with individual utility company profiles. Easily designate company involvement on projects, communicate with utility partners, track activity, and maintain profiles with our directory tool. Companies have access to designated projects via a secure account with customizable permissions. 

The directory can be used to link specific projects to companies, communicate via ad hoc and template emails and document builders, share reports and queries, and view utility company involvement. 


Configurable Architecture 

Delasoft builds solutions that can be tailored to your practices and procedures. We make our software flexible with accessible settings. Administrators can designate new rules, practices, phases, permissions, and more in our settings. Our workflow engine allows your team to easily create new workflows, add users, and set permit pathways with click-and-drag workflow creation, customizable rules, and form creators.  

Ad hoc and template reports, notifications, and more give you and your team freedom within the system while maintaining structure and procedure. Keep up to date with new standards, change staff access, add and delete users, and easily maintain your practices without contracting developers to modify the base code of the system.  


Requirements and Implementation 

As with all Delasoft solutions, UCM can be deployed on your infrastructure, hosted in a managed cloud environment or accessed as a subscription service. 

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Bring your team together with Utility Collaboration Manager and streamline your utility project management and permitting. Offered both as a standalone application and as a package with our Encroachment Permit System, UCM is a dynamic solution that offers long-term solutions to your needs.  

To learn more about our permitting platform, don’t hesitate to reach out to us online or by phone. We’re happy to schedule a demo or meeting to discuss our products and services.